PCPA is a dynamic not-for-profit member-based, oncology specialist organisation that aims to make high impact policy change for private practice, education and in delivering to patients the latest innovative treatments and world-class clinical trials.

We believe the cancer care journey – especially through the private health system – should be the absolutely best it can be for our patients, their families and our members who are entrusted to care for them.

We want to embark on this new connected journey with organisations of the highest integrity, with whom we share our values, our passion and our mission-critical need to ensure cancer patients are at the forefront of all decision making.

Together with our Strategic Alliance Partners, we can better ensure world-class cancer care is prioritised by those decision makers who can, and will, make the difference to the lives of those most vulnerable of Australians.

We know our members – haematologists, medical and now, radiation oncologists – are seeking trusted insights into new treatments in development, innovative approaches, new ways of thinking, new technologies and new perspectives.

We know connecting and collaborating with our partners will help our members – consultants and trainees alike – become even better specialists in medical and radiation oncology or haematology.

Exciting Update: We have recently appointed Professor Stephen Clarke OAM, Medical Oncologist as our Education Chair and we are excited about this role allowing us to focus on the needs of all of our members.

We are honoured to welcome you to the PCPA family, as our founding Strategic Alliance Partner.

Kind regards,
A/Prof Christopher Steer

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