Benefits of Sponsorship

These are many and varied and depend upon the nature of the specific partnership/support arrangement that is agreed.

Benefits to sponsors of the PCPA Annual Scientific Meetings include the following:

Increased profile and positive public representation at PCPA’s most well attended and prestigious event

  • Relative industry exclusivity
  • Brand exposure on highly-visible mediums, including all printed meeting materials and a dedicated event website page with traffic directed to your nominated web portal
  • Complimentary invitation(s) to attend meeting
  • Verbal acknowledgement by Convenor as a key sponsor/facilitator of this event
  • Networking opportunity over the course of the event
  • Contact details included in welcome kit for PCPA members

Examples of other projects/activities which have been undertaken by PCPA, and the value/benefit created for their respective sponsors are:

  • Consultancy/advisory services by PCPA Executive Committee Members
  • Opportunity for uninterrupted access to key PCPA members (representative of the private oncology/haematology sector) in a group setting.
  • Advice, opinion and input on a topic or issue that is of most relevance and importance to the sponsor at the time.
  • Advice is independent of any therapeutic area or product advisory board that may have been established
  • Advice is in compliance with the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct
  • Opportunity to develop/build upon relationships, as well as to gain a thorough understanding of each organisation’s objectives.

Access to PCPA membership base

  • Offers another avenue for branded or anonymous market research to be undertaken on a sponsor’s behalf
  • Ensures a response that is real and representative of the private oncology/haematology sector
  • Turnaround times expected to be relatively short
  • Response rates expected to be relatively high due to commitment of PCPA members to their own professional representative organisation and its endeavours.

State based dinner/meetings for PCPA members

  • Increased profile and representation at well attended, local PCPA events
  • Industry exclusivity
  • Brand exposure on highly-visible mediums, including invitation, menu (if applicable) and any printed meeting materials
  • Complimentary invitation(s) to attend meeting/dinner
  • Verbal acknowledgement as the sponsor of this event
  • Networking opportunity over the course of the event
  • PCPA Sponsors

PCPA Sponsors

The following companies have generously provided sponsorship to PCPA in the form of unrestricted grants which have enabled many projects focused on delivering PCPA objectives to be initiated.

Bristol Myers Squibb
Icon Cancer Care
Roche Products