PCPA Media Release – Monday 19 June 2023

PCPA launches digital platform to help members meet the complex new CPD rules

Canberra. To help its members better meet the new and mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements, the nation’s peak body of cancer specialists has formally launched a bespoke digital platform, CPD4MedProfessional.com.

Members of the Private Cancer Physicians of Australia (PCPA) have exclusive access to the new online support program, developed with its education partners, ScienceToLife.CPD4MedProfessional.com is fully compliant with the new 2023 CPD requirements by the Medical Board of Australia and is aligned with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians’ (RACP) framework. This co-designed initiative supports PCPA members in attaining the 50 hours required, particularly in the Reviewing Performance and Measuring Outcomes categories.

President of the PCPA, Associate Professor Christopher Steer, said the PCPA wanted to create a digital solution, tailored specifically for its members – medical and radiation oncologists and haematologists. The launch came after a survey of members, last month, revealed the majority remained confused and unclear about their new CPD obligations, five months after the new rules were introduced.

“As clinicians, we believe in surpassing world-class standards in our ongoing personal development and training but these new hour-based rules are demanding, to say the least,” Professor Steer said. “We knew there must be a more efficient way to navigate these new rules, especially for members working in the private cancer care system.”

“We all participate in extensive CPD. Keeping track of activities performed can be frustrating and onerous,” said PCPA board member, Dr Ian Irving. “CPD4MedProfessional.com is an easy-to-use system that helps the busy clinician save time on keeping track of their CPD activities.”

PCPA’s WA board member, Dr Arman Hasani, said that despite investing considerable time and effort, he personally, had not felt confident in his understanding of the 2023 CPD changes. “CPD4MedProfessional.com is an excellent time-saving resource that allows me to capture CPD activities and notes, at the time of the activity, on my mobile.”

PCPA’s ACT board member and Treasurer, Professor Desmond Yip concurred. “The personal concierge service simplifies the process even further, to save our members valuable time in fulfilling these revised Medical Board of Australia requirements.”

The Chief Executive Officer of ScienceToLife, Ms Sandra Owens, said her team of oncology experts and technologists worked closely with the PCPA Board to design a simple framework to enable busy cancer clinicians readily meet the new CPD requirements, as well as logging clinical audits, relevant to the specialist’s sub-specialty. The required Professional Development Plan can also be completed within the platform.

PCPA members have exclusive access to the CPD4MedProfessional.com at a discounted rate ($299 for the first year) and early bird access to the personal concierge service ($199).

“We are listening, and responding, to the needs of our members so they, in turn, can continue to prioritise the needs of their cancer patients,” A/Prof Steer said.  ENDs

For more information on the CPD4MedProfessonal.com, please follow this link

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