PCPA in the news – Unveiling the power of empathy: Gilead joins oncologists in bridging the gap

Health Industry Hub 26 May 2023

Pharma News: In an event that showcased the cutting-edge advancements in cancer treatment, the Private Cancer Physicians of Australia (PCPA) joined forces with GenesisCare, their Strategic Alliance Partner, to successfully launch the inaugural PCPA Live Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT) Masterclass. This event witnessed healthcare leaders from Gilead Australia immerse themselves in the daily life of breast cancer patients undergoing complex treatments, providing a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the challenges faced by patients and their MDT teams.

Under the esteemed guidance of PCPA Board member and renowned GenesisCare Medical Oncologist, Professor Stephen Clarke, alongside esteemed colleagues Dr Katrina Moore and Dr Sally Baron-Hay, more than 15 industry leaders in cancer care came together at the North Shore Campus in Sydney. This facility, which encompasses both GenesisCare and the prestigious Royal North Shore Hospital, served as the perfect setting for the interactive Masterclass.

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