PCPA in the news – can ‘smart bombs’ replace chemo?

pharma in focus 13 June – 16 June 2023

Posted 15 June 2023

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), described as “biological missiles” and “smart bombs” against cancer, could have the potential to replace chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer.

Speaking on the Private Cancer Physicians of Australia Podcast series, University of California San Francisco Director of Breast Oncology Professor Hope Rugo said the precise and potent surface-antibody drugs were proving effective and better tolerated than existing treatments.

“This is such an exciting topic for all of us,” Rugo said. “It pervades everything we are discussing now in terms of treatment and clinical practice and research.”

She said ADCs, which contain a cancer-specific monoclonal antibody covalently attached to a cytotoxic drug through a chemical linker, were providing effective in different breast cancer subtypes.

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