Telehealth phone call rebates must be permanently reinstated

A communique: Friday 17 June 2022

Earlier this year, Telehealth (MBS) rebates for phone calls with specialists was extended, by six months, to June 30, 2022.

Without permanent reinstatement, our most vulnerable Australians – those who are elderly, those with cancer and other chronic diseases such as arthritis, and those living in regional and rural areas – will bear the brunt of the axing of vital Medicare rebates for phone calls with their specialists.

As patient advocates, and the Specialists who care for them, we are calling on the new Government to protect these at-risk Australians and permanently […]

Election Manifesto

Election Manifesto coverDate: 24 March 2022

PCPA’s core mission is the delivery of the best treatment and advocacy for patients with cancer, regardless of where they might live, or what their socioeconomic circumstances. We strive, each day, to rid the scourge of cancer from our patients and provide comfort and support to them and their families.

We are acutely aware, and deeply concerned, at the overwhelming and often, unexpected financial costs that come with the diagnosis of cancer.

As cancer physicians providing high quality, […]

Removing the financial toxicity from the cancer care journey

Private Cancer Physicians of Australia and Rare Cancers Australia call for a Cancer Care Patient Safety Net

Media release: Thursday, March 24, 2022

Canberra: A cancer diagnosis should not force any Australian to live under the poverty line.
The nation’s peak body of cancer specialists and the leading patient advocacy group have collaborated over a suite of measures, aimed at better protecting Australia’s most vulnerable patients from financial duress.

At the heart of the ‘Cancer Care, No Gaps’ proposal by the Private Cancer Physicians of Australia and Rare Cancers Australia is a Cancer Care Patient Safety Net which is […]