Election Manifesto cover

Election Manifesto

Election Manifesto coverDate: 24 March 2022

PCPA’s core mission is the delivery of the best treatment and advocacy for patients with cancer, regardless of where they might live, or what their socioeconomic circumstances. We strive, each day, to rid the scourge of cancer from our patients and provide comfort and support to them and their families.

We are acutely aware, and deeply concerned, at the overwhelming and often, unexpected financial costs that come with the diagnosis of cancer.

As cancer physicians providing high quality, personalised, patient-centred care, we work very hard to control the out-of-pocket expenses that are within our control. As patient advocacy leaders, we see first-hand the often-extreme choices some patients feel they must make. Sell the house or have treatment? Retain childcare services or have treatment? Keep working or take the much-needed time off to recover?

Cancer treatment should never come with a question mark over whether the patient can afford it or not.

The PCPA and the Rare Cancers Australia is advocating the next Australian Government adopts the recommendations we have made in our combined ‘Cancer Care, No Gaps’ election manifesto.

Together we focus on the low cost and high impact measures that, if implemented, can and will have an immediate positive effect in the lives of Australian cancer patients and their families.

Download Election Manifesto here (PDF)