PCPA in the news – PCPA Launches Practical Genomics Workshop

15 February 2024

PCPA invites medical oncologists and cancer nurses to immerse in the game-changing world of precision medicine

Melbourne.  Due to high demand, Australia’s peak body for private cancer specialists will host a unique workshop for all medical oncologists and cancer nurses, to gain a practical immersion into how genomic testing can better refine diagnoses, help predict cancer behaviour and create more effective treatment plans for their patients.

Board member of the Private Cancer Physicians of Australia (PCPA) and workshop Master of Ceremonies, Dr Cameron McLaren, says genomic testing or precision medicine, is a powerful tool that remarkably unlocks the secrets of a patient’s cancer at the genetic level.

“Genomic testing, once a futuristic view of how cancer may be treated, is now transforming cancer care by offering personalised insights for both the patient and those who care for them,” Dr McLaren says. “As importantly as finding new treatments that can help our patients, genomic testing also allows us to choose which treatments will not help, so we can avoid subjecting our patients to toxicities of ineffective treatments.”

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