PCPA has many opportunities to develop significant influence in the interests of cancer patients and their physicians. The strategic planning process has identified six major objectives for PCPA, each of which is elaborated below.

Given the potential for rapid change in health policy and medical treatments, these objectives are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain relevant for both private cancer physicians and the patients they serve.


  • To support the practice of state of the art, multidisciplinary care of patients with cancer in the private health care sector.
  • To be the representative group that ensures appropriate funding and conditions for the provision of quality cancer care in the private sector.
  • To advise the government and the private health insurance industry on issues pertaining to delivery of high quality cancer care in the private sector.
  • To provide guidance for colleagues who provide cancer care services in areas of professional and business practice.
  • To promote educational and research programs within the private sector to enhance the quality of private oncology and haematology practice.
  • To be recognised as a pivotal resource in the Australian community for the implementation, delivery and planning of cancer services in the private sector.
  • To do all such things as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of these objects or any of them.

Six Key Objectives

  • Better funding models for in-patient care.
  • Equitable access to needed drugs for cancer patients.
  • Participation in clinical research and medical education.
  • Constructive partnership with policy makers, funding bodies and health providers.
  • A strong, supportive network for private practitioners.
  • A highly respected organisation capable of real contribution to policy debate.